Welcome to LizzyLeto; 
painter, illustrator, interior designer and teacher.

On the road 2023 and 2024, I'm creating murals and interior designs in several countries in Africa and Europe. 


I have thirty years of experience with art workshops for adults and children, as well as creative therapy in the Dutch health care system.


Uganda, 2024

Illustrations for children

Workshops for Children


Creative therapy in health care

I've painted since childhood and this became my profession. Assigned by the harbor of Rotterdam, I've painted live on work floors and at events.

In 2001 I painted at Schiphol Airport for the passing crowd behind customs. When the Twin Towers fell, the world held its breath. In those months, I learned something that became my foundation for working with people. I found myself in the position and capacity to be there for a lot of people of all nationalities, because I could visualize their thoughts and worries. 

I usually perform this 'on demand' painting with the persons who I am painting for right there, looking over my shoulder. Our mutual reflections on the process and the result layed the foundation for my Creative Therapy method. It became my method to be there for people during their challenges. 

The last 15 years I've painted with patients in healthcare and with children in daycare.